Making Cheap ‘Explosion’ Markers for War Games

When it comes to wargaming, every little thing you can do to make it look that bit more ‘real’ makes the whole game that bit better, both to play and to look at.

So, when it comes to ‘marking’ those ‘dead’ tanks and vehicles, what better than an ‘explosion’ marker. It looks so much better that taking the turret off, or playing the unit on it’s side.

You can of course use some cotton wool, or something similar, but what if you want to use something that looks a bit more realstic (without setting the games table on fire of course)?

Well you can but some really good looking explosion markers and they are not too dear at about £2.50 each, but what if you could make something that looked pretty good for as little as 50p?

Well you can, at least for as long as HobbyCraft keep selling their candle tea lights  for £1 for 4. Then, all you need is a bit of white and some brown or black toy stuffing / hair, and with a lick of grey paint and some glue you have your very own ‘explosion’ markers.

The ones I have made are far from perfect and others will do a LOT better with the same materials, but they are still good enough for my oppenent to comment “it was almost worth losing my tank to get that on the board”, which was a really nice thing to say.

Check out the pictures and if you feel like making some, head over to HobbyCraft (or their website) and get some tealights (you even get the batteries for the £1).

The bits and the finished article


flames2 flames1


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