MadAboutArmour – What’s Behind the Site?

The owner of the MadAboutArmour site is I, Graham Baylis. Type my name into Google and you will find mentions all over the place, mostly to do with the topic of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing, cause that is what I do for a living having been involved in the industry since 2000 (and the Internet since 1994).

This site is all about my hobby though and allows me to entertain my two passions in life at the same time, wargming my hobby and SEO the way I pay for my hobby,,

The blog covers how I have developed my ‘army’ over the last 12 months, it all starting with just one Tiger and one Sherman tank, plus a handful of Airfix soldiers.

Since then I have played many games, my favourite rule sets being Chain of Command and (the best in my view) the Battlegroup Series of games covering as it is doing, all of WW2.

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