Holding Carentan

Had a very interesting game on Sunday using the ‘Holding Carentan’ scenario, I played the US side, whilst Tony, who is learning (fast) the rules.

I think I took the ‘holding’ part of the title a little bit too litterally as I placed my troops (and there are not a lot of them in this scenario) at the front, whereas I reckon a sensible commander would have kept them back, but hey you have to try these things out.

I also have to point out that I had to use Brits for the Paratroops and did not have enough Stugs, but heh it still looked good.







ready for the germans








awaiting the attack

This first map shows how the USA troops were deployed, thecommand squad in the centre with the 2 squads being shown, one having started out with the idea of covering the road soon having to run for cover when the Stugs arrived (black lines). Meanwhile the German troops (black blocks) pounded and pinned the command squad and set up their own OP in the house on the bottom left.

Carentan first turns

stugs deploy to bombard

The problem for the US side is they only have about 35 fighting men, with no re-enforcements until turn 5. All the while from turn 2 the Germans get stugs and more men, all of which makes it an ‘interesting’ game.

carentan under attack

As I said, I had placed my Command Squad in the very front of the action, the idea being that I would be able to drop the arty support I had on the German front line, but needless to say, it was repeatedly pinned and soon wiped out.

second wave of stugs appear

The second squad was forced out of one of the other buildings by determined fire from the stugs, this eventually being wiped out by some German arty strikes. The last squad was reduced to hiding in the trees, the fact that they had a bazooka keeping the stugs at bay.

The US side was taking chit after chit in the game, but did manage to hold onto the East side of the village, eventually moving from the woods into a building that was shielded from stug fire as they retreated in the face of the appearance of the first wave of Shermans.


carentan invasion


The second map shows the Stugs moving forwards and the USA’s last squad moving into the Eastern building. The Stugs moved to cover the village as they had heard the rumble of Shermans. The German infantry advanced, but only really took the Western house by the time the game ended.

Carentan mid game


Then moreĀ  Shermans came on, together with an armoured platoon, but we ran out of time before we could complete the game.


The last map shows the Sherman advance, the Stugs holding their ground but starting to take causualties. The Armoured platoon was also advancing and starting to cause casualties, would have been good to have been able to conclude it.

Carentan end game

On a points basis, it was a very good win for the Germans, but I consoled myself with the fact that the Germans never took the village and were forced to withdraw from their high water mark.


Great game, but I should have played it better and placed some units out of harms way at the start, that way I may have got some more arty into play.


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