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How to make bases with bombed trees?

Hi everyone.

If you have read my previous post, you would have noticed the three terrain boards I made for a WW1 project we are preparing on our gaming club.Today, I’m going to show you, some complementary terrain pieces, made from old cd’s, some off-pieces of foam and some twigs.
1st step:Take some old cd’s, glue some scraps of foam on them and then with a hot glue gun, place the twigs on the foam pieces (or the cd’s surface if you want to).

2nd step:Cover the cd’s surface with kitchen paper, by using PVA glue, wall filler, and water – the consistency is up to you to decide (not too ”runny” not too ”bulky”). After the materials application, you let the pieces dry for at least 24 hours, otherwise you risk of ruining your brushes whilst painting afterwards.

3rd step:After drying, I used the same technique for painting them (Dark Brown, Brick Red drybrush, Brown drybrush and Medium Grey drybrush).

Below, you see how well they blendwith the rest of the pieces. I am sure that the attacking forces, will think of them as a light cover, from the menace of the machine guns.

The cost for making these five bases, was about 2 euro – a fair deal wouldn’t you say?
Have a nice Monday evening everyone. :-)
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Upcoming Spearpoint 1943 Releases from Collins Epic Wargames

Always good to see some activity on the new wargames front.


Good period too




Collins Epic Wargames has some new releases they’re working on for Spearpoint 1943, their popular WWII card game. One takes us to the Eastern Front, where the sleeping bear that is Russia has awoken, being poked by Hitler’s forces, and has decided that such a poking cannot go unmauled. The other is a Heavy Weapons expansion, because big guns are fun.

The Eastern Front set will come with 220 new cards, focusing on the Russian and German forces that were used during the war. Also are 12 historic scenarios taken from battles that raged during the war. There’s also new Event cards and more. The Heavy Weapons expansion brings 25 new German and Russian units that bring the “heavy” to “heavy artillery.”


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Table Top Gaming News

Interesting post from TGN, with lots of goodies for us wargamers to buy…

The items on sale include some new 28mm Koreans, not to mentinon some interesting 15mm figures to use in SKIRMISH SANGIN

, a game which really does seem to be very realistic…

Happy Reading


Soldiers in Sangin

Image by Al Jazeera English via Flickr



Wednesday. The previous weekend is two days behind us. The next weekend is two days ahead of us. We are perched atop a precipice. Which isn’t to say “it’s all downhill from here,” but I guess you could consider it as such.
At the very least, I hope the first half of the week went smoothly and that the rest of the week follows suit.

In the meantime, we’ve got our collection of bite-sized stories we want to present to you now.

In this batch we have: Adarga Castings releases new 28mm Korean War Communist Forces, Heroic Maps Releases Wardenhale: Docks, The Gentleman’s Query, A Refined Coin Series – Coin #1 on Kickstarter, Voodooworx Miniatures Launch New Website, Warfighter/Skirmish Sangin “Hearts and Minds” Free Scenario Releases, 15mm Orc Buildings pre-order offer at, Punkapocalyptic Previews Stretch Goals on Indiegogo, Monster Dice by Trilania up on Kickstarter, Brigade Models – new 2mm English Forts, Red Duke Games Announces Upcoming Kickstarter for Numinous card game, Dungeon Revolutions by Brickerium coming soon to Kickstarter, and Free Robot Stretch Goal Added to Ramshackle Robots Kickstarter.

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Painting Contest – One for your diary??

One of the great things about the Wargaming hobby is that it has so many facets. For some the most important part of the hobby is the actual playing of the battles, the fun for them being in the pitting of their wits against an opponent whilst also battling ‘Lady Luck’ who so often seems to be on holiday when you need her most…

For others it is ensuring accuracy in the battles that they play, some wanting to re-enact the battle so that it comes out as in history, whilst others want to try out some ‘What If’ scenarios or to see if they could have done better than the general of the day.

Then there is the creation of the scenery, this being a really important issue if you want to have a realistic looking battlefield. This area is of course closely related to the issue of building and painting the models we play with. By the way, there are many people who build tanks or soldiers and that never intend to ‘play’ with them, their hobby being to re-create a model or a scene that all will marvel at and love to look at.

Competitions like the one detailed here are for those hobbiests that want to create stunning looking models (something that is way beyond me by the way). so if you feel like having a go, read on!!


CMON Expo is 2 months away. Each week it gets a little closer. And each week we give you another look at all the awesome things that’ll be happening. This week’s update lets you in on the Painting Contest, as well as a bio of special guest Bobby Jackson, plus we’ve filled out the Special Guest page to show all the great people we’ll have at the show.

From the announcement:

Welcome to another CMON Expo Update! It’s hard to believe that Expo is still 2 months away! Or, conversely, Expo is only 2 months away! As is our custom, we’ve got another announcement about the great events and guests we’ve got coming to the show.

This week, we’ve got the announcement about and rules for our Painting Competition, a profile feature on another special guest, and a list of all the guests we’ll be having at the show!

First up, we have our Painting Competition.

2014 winning entry from Rhonda Bender, 'Maybe I Should Have Bought Some Armor'

(image courtesy of tabletopgaming news)


2014 winning entry from Rhonda Bender, ‘Maybe I Should Have Bought Some Armor’

Our Expo’s painting competition is a Road to Crystal Brush contest. Bring out your best work for the public, and our panel of judges, to see. The top overall winner will receive his or her choice of $100 in CMoN gift credit, or round-trip airfare to compete at the Crystal Brush Awards 2016, during AdeptiCon, in Chicago!

Submission deadline is 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 20. Complete category descriptions, entry procedure, and rules are available here.

The ceremony for painting competition and FrankenFest awards will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 21.
Contest is open to people age 14 and up.



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Salute 2015 and Miniature Wargames Issue 384

Missed this posting, but to be fair am only getting used to using some new software that helps me find all the interesting stuff, so will be more upto date soon.



Salute does look to be really good this year, despite not having a bring and buy section. I will be running a game along with other members of the WyreForest Games club and expect to leave with my wallet a lot lighter and my building and painting schedule even more crowded..

****** Miniature Wargames – Issue 384 ******

Due out this week, it’s a bumper issue this month, because it’s that time of year — yes, issue 384 contains the official show guide for Salute 2015, which this year will have the theme of Agincourt, celebrating the 600th anniversary of the battle.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • “A funny thing happened to me on the way to the show,” says The Editor in his Briefing, as he considers the joys of Hammerhead and the forthcoming delights of Salute, the ‘daddy’ of them all.
  • In his World Wide Wargaming column, The Editor takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the stresses of marketing new products in the digital age, breathes the air of publicity on two deserving blogs, and rounds off with some tips for making your own blog more discoverable.
  • Neil Shuck uses his Forward Observer spot to test Simon Miller’s new Ancients ruleset “To the Strongest”, and consider the merits of Peter Pig’s “PBI”, before passing his eyes over PSC’s “The Great War” Kickstarter, remembering how his enthusiasm for WWI was kindled by the TooFatLardies “Through the Mud and the Blood”. Then he plunges into questions of terrain for WWII gaming and, in particular, his recreation of the Pont de la Croix scenario from “Operation Warboard”, pondering how much he should make, and how much he should buy. Decisions, decisions…
  • Diane Sutherland uses her Wargames Widow column to show us how to Whistle while you wattle. She’s been kept in the dark for ages by husband Jon, who now surprises her with a Dark Ages task. So, it’s time to put down your whittling and pick up your wattling with plenty of paint but no daub.
  • Fantasy Facts columnist John Treadaway (who features later in this issue too) looks at the latest offerings proffered in the build-up to Salute, where manufacturers will be releasing a welter of new and shiny goods to tempt us. Here, he is deluged with stuff from CP Models, drowned with offerings from Brigade, smothered with shinies from eM4, harassed by sculpts from Artizan and finally cowed by miniatures from Crooked Dice. poor man!
  • Andrew Rolph returns with the opening instalment of The march on Madrid, this instalment being an overview of the remarkable advance of the Army of Africa’s advance on the tormented Spanish capital in 1936. This sets up Andrew’s brilliant ideas for a campaign system, to be delivered next month. Many thanks too to Minairons Miniatures who supplied some lavish photographs.
  • Then comes the huge Salute 2015 show guide.
    • Following the Welcome from South London Warlords’ President/Chairman Phil Portway, Alan Perry describes the process of creating this year’s giveaway miniature in Sculpting the longbowman; David Barnes examines The longbow, a stick that changed the course of history; Alan Patrick pays tribute to The bowmen of England, the product of a nation organised for war; and the Salute 2014 painting competition pages are stuffed with sumptuous photographs of all least year’s first and second placed miniature masterpieces.
    • Halfway through, we present the listings of all the games that will be presented at Salute 2015 on 25th April at ExCel, a useful floorplan with additional information about this year’s queueing system, and a list of all the traders.
    • Moving on, John Treadaway presents Stingray, describing the planned participation game in which anything can happen in the next half hour; Stephen Dunn gives a comprehensive account of all the Warlord memorabilia produced by the Warlords for the show over the years; and then Ian Spence, Des Darkin and Martin Gane preview their demonstration game The Battle of Araure, Simon Bolivar’s 1813 victory in South America.
    • There are also, of course, lots of messages from enthusiastic traders hoping that you will visit their stands at the show!
  • Back in the ‘normal’ magazine, Conrad Kinch uses his Send three and fourpence column to extol the virtues of picking one size of miniature and sticking to it.
  • In the fifth part of Gravelines, his series on siege operations, The Editor begins with assessing the challenge facing the attacker and then, having laid down the first parallel, the preparations necessary to begin the dangerous job of sapping forward towards the walls.
  • Rules writer Dan Mersey returns with Quick play the WRG way, in which he scouts out the latest versions of the popular DBA and HOTT rules, assessing the changes and explaining the basics. Be warned: Dan has managed to conjure up a giant, killer hedgehog. It’s not a pretty sight.
  • Boardgame enthusiast Brad Harmer uses his Hex Encounter column to assess the opportunities still to be grasped in the world of licensing box office hits to become boardgames with appeal for the masses, and lists his top four favourites.
  • Despite the squeeze on space, we’ve managed to cram in a Recce section too, with reviews of the Sands of Sudan rules by Carlo Pagano, the excellent 7 Days of Westerplatte boardgame, Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World’s End rules for all you budding Conquistadores, and a special review of Tumbling Dice’s “Discount Battle Pack” of tiny fleets and rules for Russo-Japanese naval conflict at Tsushima 1905.
  • And of course we have an update from our Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal and a competition, this month for not one, not two but three marvellous ‘Rapid Ruins’ kits from Valiant.

That should keep you going. See you at Salute – and if you’re attending the show, there’s no need to rip the middle out of your magazine as the show guide will also be available at the door of the show.

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