How to make bases with bombed trees?

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If you have read my previous post, you would have noticed the three terrain boards I made for a WW1 project we are preparing on our gaming club.Today, I’m going to show you, some complementary terrain pieces, made from old cd’s, some off-pieces of foam and some twigs.
1st step:Take some old cd’s, glue some scraps of foam on them and then with a hot glue gun, place the twigs on the foam pieces (or the cd’s surface if you want to).

2nd step:Cover the cd’s surface with kitchen paper, by using PVA glue, wall filler, and water – the consistency is up to you to decide (not too ”runny” not too ”bulky”). After the materials application, you let the pieces dry for at least 24 hours, otherwise you risk of ruining your brushes whilst painting afterwards.

3rd step:After drying, I used the same technique for painting them (Dark Brown, Brick Red drybrush, Brown drybrush and Medium Grey drybrush).

Below, you see how well they blendwith the rest of the pieces. I am sure that the attacking forces, will think of them as a light cover, from the menace of the machine guns.

The cost for making these five bases, was about 2 euro – a fair deal wouldn’t you say?
Have a nice Monday evening everyone. :-)
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Upcoming Spearpoint 1943 Releases from Collins Epic Wargames

Always good to see some activity on the new wargames front.


Good period too




Collins Epic Wargames has some new releases they’re working on for Spearpoint 1943, their popular WWII card game. One takes us to the Eastern Front, where the sleeping bear that is Russia has awoken, being poked by Hitler’s forces, and has decided that such a poking cannot go unmauled. The other is a Heavy Weapons expansion, because big guns are fun.

The Eastern Front set will come with 220 new cards, focusing on the Russian and German forces that were used during the war. Also are 12 historic scenarios taken from battles that raged during the war. There’s also new Event cards and more. The Heavy Weapons expansion brings 25 new German and Russian units that bring the “heavy” to “heavy artillery.”


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Table Top Gaming News

Interesting post from TGN, with lots of goodies for us wargamers to buy…

The items on sale include some new 28mm Koreans, not to mentinon some interesting 15mm figures to use in SKIRMISH SANGIN

, a game which really does seem to be very realistic…

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Soldiers in Sangin

Image by Al Jazeera English via Flickr



Wednesday. The previous weekend is two days behind us. The next weekend is two days ahead of us. We are perched atop a precipice. Which isn’t to say “it’s all downhill from here,” but I guess you could consider it as such.
At the very least, I hope the first half of the week went smoothly and that the rest of the week follows suit.

In the meantime, we’ve got our collection of bite-sized stories we want to present to you now.

In this batch we have: Adarga Castings releases new 28mm Korean War Communist Forces, Heroic Maps Releases Wardenhale: Docks, The Gentleman’s Query, A Refined Coin Series – Coin #1 on Kickstarter, Voodooworx Miniatures Launch New Website, Warfighter/Skirmish Sangin “Hearts and Minds” Free Scenario Releases, 15mm Orc Buildings pre-order offer at, Punkapocalyptic Previews Stretch Goals on Indiegogo, Monster Dice by Trilania up on Kickstarter, Brigade Models – new 2mm English Forts, Red Duke Games Announces Upcoming Kickstarter for Numinous card game, Dungeon Revolutions by Brickerium coming soon to Kickstarter, and Free Robot Stretch Goal Added to Ramshackle Robots Kickstarter.

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